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About Us

PT Global Mandira Sakti (GMS) as member of Global Group Companies is fast growing National Company engaged on Engineering, Procurement, and Construction with core business in providing highly specialized supplies and services to various industries in Indonesia, especially in Oil & Gas Production Facilities, Refinery Plant, Power Plant, Cement Plant, Mining Industries, Petrochemical, Airlines and Airport Facilities.

Backed up by highly dedicated and professional experts, GMS has fully commitment to support our client to meet their project goal through the provision of reliable, innovative and competitive services using the best international practice.

GMS is a strong partner offering project elaboration, engineering and design, field assembly and commissioning, as well as comprehensive service activities, for complete production lines, equipment products supply, plant conversions and upgrades.

We provide support from turnkey construction to plant expansions and projects, and offer expertise for all project management, process design, engineering, procurement and construction activities.

Vision and Mission
Our vision is to be the first choice provider for value-added services that supported by multidiscipline engineering combined with effective and comprehensive training.

Our mission is to deliver cost-effective, high quality and reliable value-added services for any related matter revealed above.

Corporate Values
To Our Customers : we value our customers and will continue to value-add their business. We commit ourselves to actively improve our services

To Our Employees : we recognize that all our people are important stakeholders of the company. We care for our people by creating a conducive work environment, helping them to their fullest potential and recognizing their contributions

To Industry and Society : we pledge to be a responsible corporate by acting professionally and ethically in all manners.

Our Stand
• Provide a healthy and safe workplace environment
• Provide all of our services and technologies at the highest level of quality
• Create and foster client relationships based on trust and respect
• Unconditionally honest with our clients
• Innovative in creating and measuring value
• Invest in the development and transfer of technologies and skills
• Use sustainable-development principles

GMS Provides
Project Implementation
• Engineering
• Procurement
• Construction
• Commissioning
• Project Management

Operational Services
• Operational Startup
• Maintenance Support
• Production Support
• Inspection Services
• Operational Improvement and/or Modification
• Engineering Support

Product Supplied
• Casting
• Injection
• Gunning
• Ramming
• Brickwork
• Fiber installation

Thermal Insulation
• Hot Insulation
• Cold Insulation
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